The Miracle Of LifeCell Cream

If you are looking for LifeCell in NZ, please read below before order.

You want to know before committing to a product that whether it will deliver or not – just read its reviews.

Four things:

1.   Expert Opinions
2.  Media Coverage
3.  Celebrity Following and,
4.  Customer Reviews are considered as the flagship of quality. Any product having these on its side is trusted worthy.

Today we are going to review LifeCell (an anti-aging cream that has become a revolution in 2014) based on the above factors and see what different concerned parties have to say.

1. LifeCell Cream Expert Opinion:

A thing about researchers and Doctors is that they can’t just lend their support to anyone. Their repute is at stake. So when they think of a product as functional, then and only they recommend it to their patients.

Lifecell export reviews

After researching the ingredients of LifeCell, leading dermatologist Janet Allenby say:

I am excited to report to you that now expensive Cosmetic Injections and surgeries can be completely avoided because of LifeCell, a cosmeceutical  brand which takes an all-natural approach to prevent the signs of aging by putting nature’s most powerful nutrients to work. It works perfectly on the appearance of lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age-spots, under-eye bags and dark circles that adds years to our face. I and many other fellow cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists strongly recommend LifeCell to our patients.

Tom Graham M.D. and Surgie Lee pharmacist also supports LifeCell cream. Dr. Daniel Schmid, research director of Mibelle Biochemistry, the Swiss lab, insists:

Swedish apple stem cell (included in LifeCell) improves the maintenance of the epidermal skin cells in humans. It has some real potential for skin rejuvenation.                

2. LifeCell in Media:

LifeCell is celebrated in Media. It has been covered by every major newspaper and TV channels including: The New York Times, The Times, telegraph, the daily mail, NBC and 7 News Boston.

lifecell media reviews

Telegraph describes Uttwiler Spätlauber, Swedish apple used in LifeCell as:

“The humble apple is a big celebrity, with fans such as Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lopez. The stem cells fromSwedish apple claims to reverse skin ageing and increases the lifespan of human cells. We’re used to hyperbole in the beauty world, but this development is really getting the cosmetics companies excited”                                       -Telegraph Leah Hardy

Based on research results quoted in Daily Mail:

  • A solution containing 1% of Swedish apple stem cells boost cell production of human stem cells by a staggering 80%.
  • It gave human epidermal cells 50% more protection from UV.
  • 2%of stem cells applied twice daily reduce crows feet by 8% after a fortnight, and 15% after four weeks

Another active ingredient of LifeCell “Ubiquinone”is also in the spot light.

“In The War On Wrinkles Ubiquinone’s derivative is a great weapon against fighting wrinkle”                                                                               -The Time Magazine

Ubiquinone’s derivative doesn’t just prevent free radicals from damaging skin—it reverses it too…The Ingredient has been shown to restore cell vitality”                                                                                                       -The Fitness Magazine

Similarly, NBC in a breaking news on anti-aging called Ubiquinone derivative a “super skin- saving antioxidant.”

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3. Celebrity Testimonials:

Celebrities are known to try the most advanced and the very best.

LifeCell isn’t short of celebrity fan base. Among its avid users are Anna Lynne McCord, Hillary Scott, Melora Hardin, Paula Abdul (American idol winner), Joey Fatone, Ashlan Gorse, Christina Milian, Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Taylor.

“What Happens? This stuff is great” – Jennifer Taylor

“LifeCell is amazing, I’m going to use it daily” – Jessica Chastain

lifecell customer reviews

4. LifeCell Cream Customer Reviews:

People love this cream. It has achieved above 2 million likes on Facebook. According to most reviews the best part about LifeCell is its fast results. No other cream can promise you anti-aging results in 2 weeks as LifeCell does.

“I am a new client to Life Cell but absolutely love it. My husband says my skin feels softer and some repair is already visible to the public. I’m receiving a lot of compliments these days!”  -Deborah

“I love LifeCell. The anti-aging cream is not grainy or hard to apply. Rather it is smooth and gentle. Have noticed a positive change in my skin in just a few days of using LifeCell”     – Alissa, CA

“I have been using LifeCell almost a month now and am very happy with my complexion so far. I live in a very dry climate and am 55+ years. I was worried it might not provide enough moisture but it is great! Works on dark spots and minor discoloration too.”                          -Debb, New Orleans

 lifecell before and afterlifecell before and after 2

These and many other such LifeCell Cream reviews prove that LifeCell actually works and is not a rip-off.

LifeCell Cream In NZ

You can order LifeCell in NZ by Visite The Official Website. LifeCell cream will cost you less than $200 (231.37 NZD) per 2.54 oz. Though the price tag seems a bit steep but that is only because the ingredients are pure and high grade.

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